Oral Sedation In Apache Junction

Oral Sedation In Apache Junction

If you tend to avoid going to the dentist because it’s an intimidating place, you’re not alone. Thousands of people in the United States miss dental appointments and avoid seeing their dentist until it is absolutely necessary. However, Meridian Dental Care seeks to change that by offering oral sedation to patients in Apache Junction, AZ, and the surrounding area. Oral sedation allows patients to feel relaxed at the dentist’s office and get the oral care needed for a healthy and beautiful smile.

Who Should Consider Oral Sedation?

Many individuals have a phobia of the dentist or dental procedures being performed. Some patients experience intense fear and anxiety at the very thought of entering a dental office. If you need dental care and want to improve your experience with dentists, oral sedation could be the key. Oral sedation is recommended for patients in any of the following situations.

  • Experiencing anxiety that gets more intense at the dental office
  • An invasive procedure is going to be performed
  • Several procedures are going to be done in one big procedure
  • The thought of dental offices, procedures, or tools terrify you
  • An inability to enter dental offices

How Oral Sedation Works

When you arrive at our dental office, you can speak with someone to discuss your interest in receiving oral sedation. Your information will be checked, including your medical history as well as your blood pressure, to make sure the medication is safe for you to take. Once approved, you will receive two doses of medication – the first dose is to take the night before your appointment while the other is to take about an hour before your appointment time.

Oral sedatives ensure that you are in a relaxed state and slightly less aware of your surroundings. Someone will be required to transport you to and from your dental appointment, as you will still feel the effects of the sedative after your appointment and will not be able to drive or travel alone.

Meridian Dental Care offers oral sedation to help patients get the dental care they need without fear or anxiety. To schedule an appointment or learn more about oral sedation, call our office today.

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