Laser Debridement Dental In Apache Junction

Laser Debridement Dental In Apache Junction

When it comes to taking care of gums and or getting rid of infected tissue, dental technology has come a long way over the years. Today’s dentistry resembles little the dentistry from the past thanks to the advent of technology such as lasers. Where there were once procedures requiring serious numbing agents, today’s laser-based procedures are essentially painless to patients. At Meridian Dental Care, we take pride in being on the cutting edge of dental innovations. Laser debridement is one of those procedures that allow our skilled dentists to give patients the quality of life they deserve, especially when it comes to treating issues like gum disorders.

What is Laser Debridement Used For?

In the past, getting rid of problematic tissue involved doing the cutting, drilling, and other miserable-sounding methods. This is a big reason why going to the dentist has the stigma it unfortunately has. The good news is thanks to better, more modern procedures like laser debridement, patients get more precise treatment. The great thing about precise laser debridement is the dentist is in control of everything. The precision in the treatments is amazing. When you have unhealthy, infected tissue, having the laser debridement is a safe way to remove the tissue and keep the area nearby clean and free from other problems. Clearing out the problematic tissue with the precision and quickness of a laser is a win-win for patients and dentists.

How is Laser Debridement Used?

Laser debridement is used by the dentist to zero-in on the bad tissue while saving the good tissue. The dentist, assistant, and patient will have glasses on that protect the eyes while the dentist manipulates the laser. Thanks to the ability of the dentist to see the targeted areas with great precision, the laser takes care of these problems with great ease and much quicker than the same procedure sans laser.


Ensuring that patients are comfortable and that their procedures don’t take too long is a big part of our practice. Give us a call if you think you are a candidate for laser debridement treatment.

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