Intraoral Camera In Apache Junction

Intraoral Camera In Apache Junction

Meridian Dental Care takes pride in using the most advanced and latest technology to provide patients with the best dental experience possible. To improve and maintain your oral health, we use an intraoral camera to detect issues and capture images of places that are often difficult to see in your mouth. They’re highly effective and comfortable, with no pain or discomfort involved.

Detect Oral Health Issues Early

Patients often avoid the dentist due to a fear of experiencing pain. Procedures can become painful if they are repeated or oral health issues are in severe or advanced stages. However, pain can be avoided when your dentist detects issues early on and can provide less invasive treatment. Intraoral cameras are excellent at detecting even the smallest dental issues so that treatment can be administered before the problem becomes worse.

Improve Knowledge of Oral Health

Sometimes, it’s difficult for doctors to explain the extent of oral health issues or how serious a condition may be. Treatment may be recommended, but patients don’t know if they need treatment or if it can be left alone. Instead of refusing treatment thinking that it’s not necessary or blinding trusting your dentist, we can show you live images of your teeth and the areas that need treatment. Patients can get a much better understanding of their oral health issues and why treatment is being recommended. It can also reduce anxiety about the dentist.

Increase Accuracy of Treatment

Intraoral cameras use advanced technology to show better visuals and magnify the teeth, allowing dental professionals at Meridian Dental Care to see problems more closely and make a more accurate diagnosis and treatment recommendations. It can help show issues that are difficult to find, such as vertical fractures in teeth or exposed pulp. Intraoral cameras allow your teeth to be even healthier when going to the dentist for an appointment.

You can schedule an appointment with a Meridian Dental Care dentist by giving us a call or coming by our office in Apache Junction, AZ. We provide premier care to patients and take pride in using the most advanced technology, such as our highly precise intraoral camera.

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