Emergency Dental Care In Apache Junction

Emergency Dental Care In Apache Junction

An emergency is unplanned and can happen at any time – even in the worst moments. In the event of a dental emergency, it is important to know what to do and how to handle the situation. If you believe it may be an emergency, do not wait to visit a dental professional. At Meridian Dental Care in Apache Junction, AZ, we provide emergency dental care for all patients to ensure that your oral health is preserved. We can make sure that your teeth are taken care of, and you receive prompt treatment from a dental professional.

Common Dental Injuries

The most common dental injuries seen in our office involve sports. Sports can be hazardous to your oral health even if there is no direct contact made with others, such as football. We recommend mouth guards to patients that participate in sports to keep teeth safe.

Another common way to injure teeth is by biting on hard foods or objects. The enamel of your teeth can break or crack if this occurs. Patients also become injured due to falls and other accidents that can occur during the excitement of life. If the injury seems severe and is causing sharp pains or bleeding uncontrollably, contact our office immediately for prompt dental treatment.

What to Do When a Tooth Is Knocked Out?

When your tooth has been knocked out of the socket, it is important to be very careful. Try to touch the tooth as little as you can and rinse it off with cold water. Try to put the tooth back in the socket until you can reach a dental professional. If that’s not possible, then you should put it in a container of milk or your saliva until you can reach our dentist near you. A cold compress or gauze can be placed into the mouth to control bleeding.

If you are experiencing pain or any other kind of dental issue, call our office to speak with someone and get the emergency dental care you need. At Meridian Dental Care, we are here for you, whether it is day or night.

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