Digital X-Rays In Apache Junction

Digital X-Rays In Apache Junction

When the x-ray first came into the medical profession, it was considered revolutionary because it allowed doctors to see inside the body for the first time. This was massive for advancing medical treatment. In terms of dentistry, it was just as similar. X-rays allowed dentists to instead focus on how to save teeth and treat teeth differently along with seeing underlying problems within the tooth. Taking this to the next level are digital x-rays, and at Meridian Dental Care, we are proud to showcase how our digital x-ray system gives our team great insights onto our patients’ teeth and helps us care for them.

What are Digital X-Rays Used For?

Digital x-rays are how dentists can see inside your teeth. There are a variety of uses. For children, these x-rays allow dentists to see what teeth may be impacted and what teeth are coming in correctly. Other uses for x-rays include seeing different trauma in teeth along with the health of the nerve root. The nerve root, or dental pulp, is the area of the tooth that’s critical to its health. When there are cavities, ensuring the health of the pulp is a main concern of the dentist. Thanks to digital x-rays, dentists can see exactly what’s going on in the interior. X-rays are also used to see how well crowns and other appliances are fitting in the mouth. This is important to see if the treatment was a success.

How are Digital X-Rays Used?

Digital x-rays are diagnostics, essentially. The goal with them is to see exactly what’s going on. The procedure is simple. The dentist will give you something to bite down on, you’ll have an x-ray camera placed into position, and they’ll take the x-ray. The best part about digital x-rays is the depth of the x-ray. Dentists can blow it up and get a very in-depth look at your tooth. This could be the difference between having to treat a tooth once or multiple times.


Digital x-rays are a part of every single dental appointment. Our team is ready to make sure that your teeth are healthy with our state of the art digital x-ray system.

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