Dental Veneers In Apache Junction

Dental Veneers In Apache Junction

There are so many different reasons that folks may not be entirely happy with their smile. The reality is we all have different smiles and that many of us have some imperfections in our smiles. The good news is there are so many different ways to get yourself a great smile. One of the best ways is getting dental veneers. Whether you opt for clip-on veneers or permanent veneers, the effect on your smile is easy to see. When considering dental veneers, we here at Meridian Dental Care are ready to go over all options with you.

What are Dental Veneers?

The dental veneer is essentially something that goes over your tooth to give it a different appearance. A common name for dental veneers is “caps.” Capping teeth means that you are covering your tooth with something designed to give your teeth a particular appearance. Most folks who choose dental veneers have issues with discoloration that can’t be solved with typical whitening treatments, or the teeth could be misshapen. In this case, having dental veneers is the right cosmetic treatment. Whether you use clip-on veneers or the permanent solution, your smile will be bright and white. Furthermore, the effects of having a great smile can’t be overstated. There are many celebrities with veneers because it allows them to have a perfect smile.

How are Dental Veneers Installed?

Clip on veneers are basically fabricated, and then they just snap on over your teeth. That’s a very simple solution. Permanent veneers are different. The first step is filing the teeth to the right length, and then the caps are placed on the tooth and cemented in place. These veneers are usually porcelain, which replicates the hardness of teeth. Sometimes impressions are made if the teeth have specific needs, but at the same time, veneers have a uniform shape, so the dentist has to get your teeth to the right size and shape.


There are many reasons to fix your smile with dental veneers. Get the smile you have always wanted by giving our office a call today for dental veneers.

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