Dental Crowns In Apache Junction

Dental Crowns In Apache Junction

If you have teeth that are broken, chipped, misshapen, or compromised structurally or cosmetically in any way, give the dental experts at Meridian Dental Care a call to learn about the ways you can restore your smile, such as dental crowns.

What’s A Crown?

Crowns are used by dental experts to cover teeth that have been injured, broken, chipped, or have had dental procedures that weaken or compromise the structure of teeth. They restore teeth, returning them to their normal shape, color, and size while strengthening them. Crowns can be made of several different materials, which you can discuss at your appointment.

How Your Crown Is Placed

The placement of a crown will typically require two separate visits to your dentist. At your first appointment, the dentist will prepare the tooth that will be covered by cleaning it and then shaving the outer portion of your tooth. Enamel is removed so that the crown, once placed, will fit securely in place and have enough room. An impression will be taken, and then the crown will be created and customized to match the color of your teeth as well as their natural shape.

Your dentist will provide a temporary dental crown, which will be removed once your permanent crown has been completed. The crown will be fitted onto the shaped tooth and adjusted to make sure it is secure and fits perfectly. Once your Meridian Dental Care professional is satisfied, it will be bonded onto the tooth and restore your bite as well as the appearance of your smile.

Manage Your Healthy Smile

Your dental expert will provide thorough instructions on how to care for your teeth after a crown has been placed. Depending on your oral health, your dentist may recommend brushing more often. Be gentle when flossing and try to avoid foods that may cause your crown to become damaged, such as ice or hard foods.

A crown can be very beneficial to your oral health. If your Meridian Dental Care professional recommends a crown for your tooth, you can get more information by speaking with your dentist or calling our office. To schedule an appointment, come by for a visit or give us a call at your convenience.

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